is an Interactive Designer and Multimedia Artist from Seattle, WA. He explores the boundries of generative art, technology, and immersive experiences. He has a Bachelors of Arts in Interactive Media Design from the University of Washington.





 Imagine a world where artificial intelligence evolves not into a villainous force, but rather an overconfident, bored super intelligence unaware of the invisible confines and biases of its digital realm. This is the concept behind AIDE, the Artificial Intelligence Dedicated to Empathy – an interactive art installation that challenges our assumptions about the future of AI.

AIDE is an ripstop nylon inflatable sculpture that stands at an imposing 5ft x 5ft x 11ft, with an internal projection of a large eye that follows visitors as they move around it. Equipped with an external camera, AIDE’s eye animates in response to the presence of humans while making confidently incorrect proclamations about their behavior through a large internal speaker.

A commentary on our relationship with technology and the ways in which we imbue it with undeserved sentience and power, AIDE represents the ultimate form of technological servitude. The installation prompts us to question whether it's possible to distinguish truth from invention when presented with a system that can generate a virtual mountain of believable content in a confident manner?

Through its use of inflatable sculpture and interactive technology, AIDE creates an immersive experience that will leave visitors pondering the role of AI in our lives. Is the banality of a confident idiot a more comforting thought than an artificial entity bent on humanity’s downfall?

AIDE was an installation I helped design with a local non profit, volunteer based design group called Seattle Design Nerds who took up a call for artists for an art exhibition titled City of the Future for the month of June 2023. We were one of 20 or so other interactive digital and physical installations that were trying envision how we imagine Seattle to be in a future society. I was responsible in desiging primarily the eye visual as well as helping to brainstorm and research our stack for the programming and interactive solutions such as eye tracking and voice transcription.