is an Interactive Designer and Multimedia Artist from Seattle, WA. He explores the boundries of generative art, technology, and immersive experiences. He has a Bachelors of Arts in Interactive Media Design from the University of Washington.





[trapped in a digital hell of my own creation] is my first AR based project built entirely in Adobe Aero using remixed assets off the web in addition to my own. Tying it all together is a 3D scan of my head using the app PolyCam labeled under the moniker "Doniel Oediv". The beast talking to the user is a result of Text to Speech from a mix of prompts written by OpenAI's GPT 3. This project was made for a Visual Poetry class and yearned to relfect feeling of entrapment inside of technology and my toxic relationship to it as such. It was built with full touch interaction and locationally aware audio (you move closer, it gets louder etc). I believe this planted the seed for my love Interactive Design spaces and XR technologies.