is an Interactive Designer and Multimedia Artist from Seattle, WA. He explores the boundries of generative art, technology, and immersive experiences. He has a Bachelors of Arts in Interactive Media Design from the University of Washington.





Emergence was a temporary interactive video installation created for my Video Installation course by artist Carrie Bodle. The title Emergence is in reference to current discussions on “Emerging Artificial General Intelligence” and its role in our modern life. The primary topic of concern being that in which all of us and our material uploaded online is being used to extensively train this generation's Machine Learning models like DALL-E and OpenAI’s line GPT Large Language Models.

The main projection consists of a distorted head model slowly rotating over static. Overlaid, is live rendered GPT 3.5 text which is being prompted on a classmate's poetry about insecurity and breakups. The model was then told to parse the data and summarize it in 4 words or less. However, with the “temperature” being turned all the way up, it results in some very vivid and hallucinatory responses that are all vaguely aggressive and introspective, but generally unintelligible.
The second component is the CRT Television on the ground. With it, is an Xbox One Kinect depth camera/sensor. The visual being displayed is the un-distorted visual being displayed on the main projection, except this head model isn’t rotating, it instead tracks and “looks at” one user in front of it. 

The intent of this project was to have users reflect on their unwilling participation and surveillance by mega corporations harvesting and using our data and information for esoteric and obscured purposes. With the seemingly alive head tracking your every movement, to the babbling text on screen reflecting the unknown uses of our data. Ideally, when combined with the noisy audio and speech to text transcription, the user leaves disturbed and introspective on their new role in our digital society.