is an Interactive Designer and Multimedia Artist from Seattle, WA. He explores the boundries of generative art, technology, and immersive experiences. He has a Bachelors of Arts in Interactive Media Design from the University of Washington.






POST is a performance based video poem that is a reaction to what I consider to be our “post truth” society.  POST draws inspiration from the works of visual poet Laure Provoust, visual poet/performance artist Blackhaine, and performance artist @fit.n3sss on instagram. These three artists utilize intensive visuals along with sound and movement that focus on mood and interpersonal emotions. I draw from these inspirations to create an intense, unsettling performance based visual poem.

Filmed on a VHS camcorder and brought together with a custom VR headset and display cable headress, a CRT TV, pickaxe and a QR code to a Chuck Palahniuk quote spraypainted on my body with a chickenwire stencil, and with the help of my brother and fiance, I was able to accomplish something surreal and very intense that reflected my feelings on technology and it's omniscient control on my body and mind.